Islamic Association of Kokomo (IAK)

Friday prayers start at 1:30PM (Schedule)


Assalamu alaikum (Peace upon you), Welcome to the website of Islamic Association of Kokomo (IAK). The IAK center serves as the only mosque in the city of Kokomo, IN and also as community center for family gatherings. The regular prayers are held at IAK masjid by coordinating through WhatsApp (link below). Jumma Prayers are held at 1:30 p.m. every Friday. We also host Quran study classes every Sunday at 11 a.m. at IAK.

The IAK building premises (originally a bank) was acquired in 2015 by collecting the funds from the community. As of now we have about 80 people attending the Friday prayers and community gatherings. We have only one washroom in men's section and one washroom in ladies section. Due to the growing community needs, the IAK committee is collecting the funds for the following:

1) Masjid Expenses which includes utilities (gas, electricity) and maintenance.
2) We plan to renovate and expand the IAK center to include a proper wudu area, shower facility and expand the prayer hall to accommodate more people.

IAK is seeking a financial aid in order to achieve this goal. To support this cause, please donate using the links below.

Please connect with the community using the WhatsApp link below.

Jazakallah Khairan!


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Physical Address: 1135 S.Main St, Kokomo, IN, 46902
Mailing Address:    P.O.Box 6608, Kokomo, IN, 46904